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DWI Crash Demo Used to Send Message to Students in honor of Larisa Karassik.  

May 26 2021

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Monroe High School S.A.D.D

Students Against Drunk Driving (S.A.D.D) club event in honor of Larisa Karassik. 

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Town of Clarkson

DWI Accident Demonstration
in honor of Larisa Karassik

The demonstration was planned to raise awareness of drinking and driving as well as distracted driving. The time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is known as the 100 deadliest days, with increased accidents involving young people. The demonstration provides students with a thorough dramatization of an accident scene.

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Join us on May 23rd to
-Take the Pledge- 

Join us May 23, 2023, for a ceremony to celebrate
the life of Larisa Karassik


Join us for a rededication of the Larisa Karassik Butterfly Garden, and an important event and ceremony where we can all come together as a community to TAKE THE PLEDGE to NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE. A new plaque will be presented to the beautiful Larisa Karassik Butterfly Garden. 

Location: Historic Traphagen: 131 Germonds Road West Nyack

Time: 4:00 PM 
*Please arrive promptly a few minutes before 4pm as the ceremony will begin right at 4.

A food & ice-cream truck will be on site!

Please spread the word & use the hashtag #DONTDRINKANDDRIVE4LARISA. 

The plaque and event is sponsored by the Town of Clarkstown Town Supervisor, George Hoehmann, District Attorney and Sheriff's Dept. 

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