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About the Foundation


Our family has created The Larisa Karassik Foundation, also known as in our mission educate and create awareness in our middle schools and high schools sharing our story about “Loosing Larisa.” We believe that educating our youths will help prevent avoidable fatalities in the future. The foundation’s mission is also to assist families and victims, that have been impacted by drunk driving accidents or fatalities.

It takes a village to raise a child, and we are the village! We are very thankful to have partnered closely with Clarkstown Sheriff’s Department, Rockland Stop DWI Program, Leslie  Berger, Scott Cooper and the entire Clarkstown NORTH Girls Soccer  team and to a number of other supporters who came out to support the 2nd annual “Walk Like Madd”. Learn more about these events on our "Events" page. 

Please contact us in the form below to learn about how we can speak to, and educate, the youth in your community about drunk and drugged driving. 

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