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Senate Bill S1721 (Pending)

Senator David Carlucci honors Larisa Karassik’s memory in supporting of Senate Bill S1721 which relates to the revocation or reissuance of licenses on June 5, 2017. It is not yet passed but is in progress & we hope that with the community's support, this bill will pass and save many innocent lives. 


We are forever grateful to Senator David Carlucci and to his colleagues for supporting a new important bill, that will impose stricter penalties for repeats DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) offenders! This new law will help prevent prior offenders from getting back behind the wheel of their vehicles and putting more innocent lives at risk!

By strengthening the laws and increasing the consequences of repeat DWI offenders, we should see a lower rate of drunk drivers fatalities and accidents.


The man who killed our beloved 13 year old daughter Larisa, had prior DWI convictions and he did not have a drivers license. This man had no right to be driving a vehicle. This fatal car accident was avoidable and took our daughter Larisa’s life at the young age of 13. Laws like Senate Bill S1721 will help save lives and it is our duty to garner support. 

Our family has created The Larisa Karassik Foundation, also known as, in our mission to continue to educate and create awareness in our middle schools and high schools sharing our story about “Loosing Larisa.” We believe that educating our youths will help prevent avoidable fatalities in the future. The foundation’s mission is also to assists families and victims, that have been impacted by drunk driving accidents or fatalities.


No more victims!

No more fatalities!

No more broken lives and families!

Thank you to everyone who assisted in supporting this bill which we are very hopeful will be passed. We are forever grateful! This is this greatest honor our family could have been given, in memory of our beloved Larisa.  She is continuing to guide us from above to continue the mission of help save lives.

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